Holiday Campground Photo Contest

Holiday Campground Photo Contest

Hello Happy Campers we are so happy about our new web-site. We have discovered that all we have are great sun-set and dock photos. Instead of having a photo shoot and making things look fluffed and different but natural and organic.  We will honor discounts on future reservations or discounts in the store when on site to use your pictures if your submitted picture is used.

We are looking for activity photos both on site and in the area. Fun, Beautiful, Landscape, Buildings, Restaurants and Parks. Anything from our around our area.

Please submit your photos to please tell us who took the photo, who is in the photo, where it was taken and what is going on in the picture. If we select your photo we will explain where it is used and the space that it is being used for your approval.

Thank you! We Can’t Wait to see your pictures.

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